Monday, August 06, 2012

Chinese Taipei ahead of Russian Chișinău and Spanish Buenos Aires at the 2012 London Olympics

Well, you can see that Taiwan is doing fairly well at the 2012 London Olympics despite being forced to compete under an assumed name.

Taiwan is just a smidgeon behind Norway, tied with Guatemala, Thailand, Malaysia and Egypt, and knocking the socks off of Greece, the Republic of Moldova, Tunisia, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong, China, (That being Hong Kong, China, not Hong Kong and China) Qatar, and Argentina.

Not a happy time in Spanish Buenos Aires right about now.

I notice the Republic of Moldova gets to compete under its real name instead of Russian Chișinău, which would be comical as the Moldavians have been independent of the Russians for over thirty years. I wish everyone were as sympathetic to the desires of small nations as the Russians seem to be.

Has anyone suggested to the Chinese that every other country manages to get by with a single set of Olympians and that entering two teams and then trying to annex the name of a third could be considered somewhat less than the spirit that these games are supposed to espouse?

Wouldn't it be grand if Taiwan could win two medals?

Wouldn't it be even better if they could compete with dignity, under their own name and flag?

Crazy I know, but then aren't dreams what the Olympics are all about?


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