Friday, July 10, 2009

Pressed Volume 8: Coming soon to a newstand nowhere anywhere near you

Many years ago a young Canadian immigrant named Jason Tomassini followed a dream and started an English literary journal just off the side of the Great Chinese Empire, on the island of Formosa which is different from China and from Thailand, too. When the journal was started there were about 800 medium range missiles pointed at it.

Years later Mr. Tomassini lost the publication in a late night Twister game that he barely remembers to this day and is rumoured to have been fixed. The other young Canadian immigrant who finagled his way into publishing history was named Joel McCaffery.

Then Mr. and Mrs. McCaffery had control over the journal and everyone thought that things would be alright after all; at this point there were roughly 1500 missiles pointed at the stalwart publication.

The McCafferies skedaddled in the middle of a moonless night, taking it with him to the land down under, to Austria, where there are currently no missiles pointed at it.

Now this unique Canadian-Taiwanese-Australian literary journal is about to release its eighth issue - somewhere deep in the heart of northern Europe, in Melbourne.

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