Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tragedy strikes protest - no word yet from the Met

Sunday's protests ended on a tragic note for two of the attendants who were struck by a police car while crossing the road. The policeman was released yesterday on NT$100 000 bail yesterday. He must not have used Chen's recently fired lawyers.
Taipei prosecutors said yesterday that based on Lin’s cellphone record, he was on the phone at 7:34pm, around the time of the accident.

Lin denies being on the phone.

Prosecutors said Lin told them he was driving between 30kph and 40kph, but the broken windshield indicated the car was traveling much faster. Witnesses told reporters at the site that the driver was going at least 80kph.

Prosecutors said Lin did not apply the brakes before hitting the two men.

The Taipei Police Department had said earlier that Lin was driving the police car while on patrol, but said later that he had finished his shift and was returning the car to a nearby police station.

Reckless behavior by the police towards people protesting the government? So he was on the phone , but he wasn't on the phone? He was doing well under the speed limit, but he was driving well over the limit? He was on duty, but he was actually off duty returning the car? He didn't think to apply the brakes before hitting the two elderly men? You'd think the police would be a little more careful on a day with so many people on the streets, those two could have been Chinese tourists, for god's sake, or were they clearly marked out as troublemakers?

A lot of people are going to jump on this and say that this is another politically motivated example of the Taipei police putting the security of the administration before of the safety of the citizens, but I think it's pretty obvious what's going on here. Wanton disregard for protesters coupled with a story that shifts like the desert sands. The officer was clearly trying to audition for a job with the London Metropolitan Police.

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Anonymous said...

The officers allege that the two seniors "dashed out in front of the car."

They were allowed to sit at the scene for a lengthy time before being issued a breathalyzer.

I don't think it had anything to do with the protests, but has everything to do with the professionalism of Taiwan's police, so are cub scouts compared to their counterparts around the world.

In Taiwan it is the poor students with little education who become police officers. They have do very little law enforcement unless it has been assigned to them and they spend lots of time trying to get out of doing anything confrontational.
Most cops are just happy to check their box at 7-11 and move along.