Monday, April 13, 2009

Polar bear attacks woman at Berlin Zoo

Well I read the headline and thought, "My god, the polar bears are running amok! Those bumbling German zookeepers will certainly have a lot to answer for," but then I read on and found that the woman apparently climbed the fence and jumped in of her own accord and the only thing the German zookeepers did wrong was to help fish her out.

She climbed into a polar bear enclosure, housing four of the world's largest predators, just before feeding time, so I figure the greatest danger to society is allowing her the possibility of passing her genes back into the general population.

They should've thrown her Darwin Award at her head and let nature take its course. As you can imagine, there are lots of videos on Youtube which show that nature came pretty close. I love bears and I love the word maul. It just has such a distinctly evolutionary sound to it. Maul.

I'm amazed, I thought this sort of thing only happened in China.

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