Saturday, January 10, 2009

McFalse Advertising

The other day my wife and I did something that we rarely do, and I'm talking about going to McDonald's. When I first came to Taiwan, McDonald's was one of the only places with an English menu and recognizable food without entrails, eyeballs or feet, but I stopped going there years ago for my health and the planet's.

Anyway I forget what led to this lapse in judgement but they had this double bacon cheeseburger thing that looked okay in the picture...

But this is what I found when I unwrapped it.



flames said...

Dude I am not sure which one looks worse. I am serious.

flames said...

that was me

flames said...


Sean Reilly said...

You've changed, man.

That's a double cheeseburger with cucumber. It looks like a Thai Big Mac/Club Sandwich in the first picture, and my burger looks like it was made in Bangladesh by blind preschoolers and then shipped to Taiwan on a chicken boat.


flames said...

No way man.
Nothing wrong with cucumbers they are a pickles parent.