Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crosswalk to Nowhere - Crosswalk of Death

This is a crosswalk beside the canal near Costco in Taichung. It is on my way to work and I drive past it most days. It's right before a traffic light that I always have to stop for and has always bothered me. It concludes in a bank of electric transformers that you would have to crawl over to reach the sidewalk on the other side. I imagine it's a real nightmare for those people with wheelchairs, walkers, or baby strollers. In short, it looks like a crosswalk, but it's not.

It's like the people who put this there had seen pictures of crosswalks in Hollywood movies and thought it would be really swell if we had them here to. For the look of the thing. Like so many other imported ideas they were installed willy-nilly with no real understanding of what they were for. Apparently they are not public safety devices, but rather low budget street decorations and places to take pictures of pop-stars striding. I see my little crosswalk to nowhere as post-modern government graffiti.

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Jeff said...

Heya Sean,

You could make an entire blog just about traffic rules and idiotness like this here.

I am curious to 'get you started' on your new bridge across from your house. Jo and I walked over it and we just kept shaking our heads.....