Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Found On Road Dead? or just faking?

I enjoyed finding this poster in my morning mail from Jeff. It makes me wonder which industry will be the next one to go looking for a little free cash. Was this Bush's plan from the beginning? To steal as much money as his fat-cat friends could carry away from the kingdom's treasure rooms. Between his wars, the New Orleans real estate shuffle and the bailouts he has literally stolen trillions of dollars.

This is the final looting phase, but it's not over - he's still got a month n' change left. It's a good thing Obama has promised the people change because that's all that will be left in the vaults, spare change and a bunch of IOUs written on toilet paper...


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Stefan said...

I don't think Bush has quite the competence to plan something on this scale.

Of course that doesn't prevent him from aiding his friends in the employed mock-capitalist class. The people who make millions as CEOs of giant corporations - getting huge bonuses for failing at their job and carrying no personal risk.

I think it would make sense to pass a law which would require pay rises and bonuses for the officers of a company, to be approved at shareholder meetings.

Why should a mere employee make more than $2 million a year, anyway?