Friday, November 28, 2008

Controversy beset the Battle of the Network Stars

I guess this clip was featured on ESPN a while ago; it was in the Guardian today. It is a nine-and-a-half-minute-long dose of The Battle of the Network Stars from about 1976. The world was a lot simpler then. I used to think that this was simply because I was only six at the time, but after watching this I realized that it was simpler back then. It makes me think I won't recognize much of anything in this world in 32 years time because one thing is apparent; the transformation seems to be speeding up.

But anyways, at six minutes and thirteen seconds Howard Cosell intones,
"Farah. Baby. I'm not in charge of of the Rules Committee, but clearly, controversy has beset the Battle of the Network Stars!"
The above photo was found at the Greg Brady Project. I kid you not.


Elliott said...

Here is the Simmons article on the same episode He has some money lines.

Not to be outblowharded, Savalas throws around words like "vulgarly" and "flagrantly" to condemn NBC. That's when Conrad crosses every line: "[Telly] is Greek, and the Greeks are famous athletes. That's how this all started. [Kaplan] is Jewish, he wants to arbitrate. And I'm German, I vant to kill both of dem!" Everyone laughs. Why? It's the '70s, that's why!

Sean Reilly said...

I love Bill Simmons. I didn't think there would be any point of reading ESPN* after the CIA staged Thompson's suicide, but he has proven me wrong again and again.

*for a sportsfan of my caliber

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Nick said...

Dude - I watched this clip for about an hour one night.
Gabe Kaplan is amazing. Amazing.