Saturday, July 19, 2008

English typhoon names were easier to remember

Yesterday morning, Typhoon Kalmaegi visited my neighborhood and there hasn't been that much of a ruckus here since Typhoon Haitang came through exactly three years ago and ripped out half the trees along the canal. Kalmaegi is Korean for seagull, and it seemed to be more partial to bridges than trees. The photo above is a picture I took of a bridge three blocks from my place. Well, it used to be a bridge.

And people too, Kalmaegi has claimed at least 18 lives with many more missing. That's one of the biggest death tolls I can remember for a typhoon here in Taiwan.

Two months after I got to Taiwan in 1997 there was a typhoon named Winnie which took 37 lives, mostly due to buildings collapsing in Taipei. It must have been that long ago, though, because shortly after that they began to use Asian names for typhoons. I'll tell you one thing; English typhoon names were a lot easier to remember.

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