Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brazilian Evictions and Death Stars in Dubai

The caption to this Guardian picture reads, "Lagoa, Brazil: A woman confronts police during an eviction at a private property in the Lagoa community, between the cities of Manaus and Itacoatiara."

I found a website that is selling property in Lagoa, Brazil, but it can't be the same place. It's a little pricey at 630,000 Euros, but it does come with three parking spaces and a pool.

This can't be the same neighborhood, can it? It is amazing that these scenes can even be found in the same country at the same time, even though it is the norm and by no means uncommon in our world.

The caption doesn't say if the unfortunate woman in the picture is one of Brazil's indigenous people. This would not be surpising to anyone. There are around 735,000 aboriginals in Brazil, and for them evictions like the one above have been a way of life for the last five hundred years.

Meanwhile, in Dubai they are planning to build a 44-story skyscraper that looks like a replica of the Death Star. Do you laugh or do you cry?

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Thoth Harris said...

...And they should have a skyscraper in the shape of John "Death Star" McCain" while they are at it!