Friday, February 15, 2008

With his last gasping blog...

The Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Barometer says that there are currently 64 cyber-dissidents in jail around the world. These jailed bloggers can be found in Belarus, Burma, China, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Syria and Vietnam, but mostly in China, which is housing 50 of them.

However, the list is far from complete and probably hasn't been updated in a while. Saudi Arabia is not mentioned, although elsewhere on their site they talk about Fouad Al Farhan who has been a guest at the Jeddah Prison since December.

The list also fails to mention China's latest member, Lü Gengsong, who was sentenced to four years in prison last week for, “inciting subversion of state authority.” This is a pretty vague charge in China, that can be applied to various transgressions, which include being a member of an ethnic minority, egging a portrait of Mao, or just wearing a yellow T-shirt.

The report fails to mention how many were fingered by Yahoo.

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