Friday, February 22, 2008

Researchers locate G-spot in Italy

Italian doctors researching orgasms say that they have found solid medical evidence that the G-spot is real, but it looks that not all women have them. They have even developed a test to discern whether or not women are, in fact, in possession of one.

I'm not making this up.
"For the first time, it is possible to determine by a simple, rapid and inexpensive method if a woman has a G spot or not," Dr Emmanuele Jannini told New Scientist magazine.
You'd think though, that if a woman did have a G-spot, she would probably know about its existence, and be able to find it without a group of doctors.

There was no mention in the article how much this test costs or how you get a job with these guys, but I suppose this may explain a few things.

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