Friday, February 01, 2008

All feet aren't created equal

I like to look through the Guardian's 24 Hours in Pictures. I don't believe the pictures are ever put in any logical order; they are just random shots from around the world, but sometimes they speak to me.

The following pictures are from the January 25th series of pictures. The first bore the caption, "Berkeley, US: The feet of University of California at Berkeley basketball player Patrick Christopher with some of his shoes." The second read, "Kabul, Afghanistan: An Afghan girl waits for food relief."

These pictures were from the same day, one after the other. They showed the same part of the anatomy from much the same angle and offer such a stark example of how messed up our world is. It reminded me of watching the news during Operation Enduring Freedom and seeing the British and American warships lobbing million dollar Tomahawk missiles at ten dollar hovels and calling it justice.


Nick said...

nice entry!

Tara said...

Excellent post, brother!

Laurie said...

One of my favourite entries so far. Nice work.