Friday, January 11, 2008

Tonkin II: Revenge of the Myth


Bread said...

this is in response to your haiti comments, not this photo:

i think you should be careful about removing canada from the genocide debate. though french action in rwanda/congo certainly takes the cake in recent times, and the extinction of the american indian was nothing to be proud of, i would argue that the 'assimilation' of first nation tribes isn't too far behind. by removing children from first nation families and placing them in adoptive, white homes as recently as the 1970s, provincial governments have defined the word genocide with their actions.

canada was there in somalia, canada is in afghanistan, and canada, despite protestations from the government, provided support for the american invasion of iraq. just because the country has a relatively small population and limited overseas interests which will not be protected by their neighbor to the south, complicity is not abrogated...why else would your government not publish its arms sales to the US? fear of being recognized for what they are...

Sean Reilly said...

Bread, Bread, Bread,

I am not removing Canada from the genocide debate, I am placing it in the center of that squared circle. I grew up amongst the Lester B. Pearson myths about Canada being the world's peacekeeper, and I believed them. We were the guys in the white hats that came in and fed the orphans that the mighty American war machine had created. We were the voice of reason that tempered the American fires of conquest. Canada didn't fight in Vietnam. Canada didn't join the second Gulf War. I believed that bullshit as a teenager but I no longer do.

Canada may not have sent troops to Vietnam but we certainly sent worse than soldiers, producing most of the Agent Orange that was dropped on than poor country and continues to poison it right to this day.

Canada didn't send troops into Iraq, but we did have over 3000 sailors in the region fighting the illusory War on Terror, allowing an extra 3000 US soldiers to go to Baghdad, what's the difference?

One difference between the foreign policies of our two countries was that Canadian administrations until Paul Martin did support the Palestinians in the UN General Assembly when it was the US and Israel against everybody else. But now Canada votes alongside the US, Israel and Palau against the rest of the world.

And as to our blossoming 'defense' industry? The United States produces just under half of the world's armaments, but Canada and America together account for over sixty percent. And as with our neighbors to the south, it is spread throughout the country, in most all of the ridings, so that it can probably never be removed. A cancer.

Canada has abandoned the children of Palestine, as it abandoned the children of Vietnam and Haiti.

I'm considering starting to tell people that I am from Luxembourg.

Sean Reilly said...

...and it's really good to hear from you. How are things on the prairies?

Bread said...

i'm good man. on these cold winter nights i miss having a taiwan honey around, but alas. i'll just keep myself warm with the memories. tell your bride i say hello.