Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's our bad air too, not just China's, no matter what the Guardian says

I found a really neat Guardian interactive guide on the world's 20 top carbon producers and how their 1990 numbers compare with their 2005 numbers. It shows the US first and China as second, no real surprises. The odd thing is that Taiwan is nowhere to be seen on the list.

Now, the Taipei Times reported that Taiwan was the 18th worst offender in 1990, so why didn't we make the list? For Heaven's sake, my local power plant, "produces the single largest amount of carbon dioxide of any power plant in the world." (Although Graham pointed out that it only counted registered plants.)

Was it possibly suggested that including Taiwan on the list would be politically sensitive to some and it might be less troubling for everyone concerned to just to lump in our smog with China's?

Why didn't Taiwan make the Guardian's list of the world's top polluters? For the same reason that newspapers outside of Taiwan don't seem to mention Taipei 101 in articles talking about the new tallest building, the Burg Dubai. Although it's over 509 meters tall, it never really existed outside of Taiwan because mentioning that we had the tallest building on the planet might've offended Beijing.

Fine, take our monumental architectural pride away, but don't take credit for our smog, that's just beyond the pale.

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