Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Israel, 4th largest arms dealer in the world

Here is the article How war was turned into a brand by Naomi Klein. I think it's an except from her new book, The Shock Doctrine. It talks about why Israel is doing well, but not doing good.


Big Ell said...

It would be nice for Naomi Klein to actually post footnotes about where she gets her stats. Not that I am doubting what she says. I know Israel sells lots of weapons. From what I can tell half of the ten biggest companies in Israel may sell some kind of weapons.

She does fail to mention that the biggest company, generic drugs maker TEVA has boomed in recent years and is now the largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. Could this be a factor in the Israeli economy booming. What about ELCO holidngs and the TNUVA group who are also experiencing huge growth. With Elco selling appliances worldwide and TNUVA selling dairy products all over the middle east. But these companies (which I imagine would be pure evil in her mind) don't fit the paradigm she's currently espousing of shock capitalism.

I am just tired of pundits quoting pundits. Is it that hard for the binary left and right to try andfind some facts that aren't gathered from other writers writing in the guardian/progressive or WSJ/national review?

Sean Reilly said...

The Toronto Star review of the Shock Doctrine wrote, "The 560-page argument, which also deals with the privatization of post-communist economies in Poland, Russia and China, the reliance of the Israeli private sector on security-related entrepreneurship and other subjects, is bolstered by nearly 70 pages of footnotes, citing more than 1,000 sources.

"I expect the release of the book to be a battle. And the endnotes are my body armour," says Klein, who will further defend her thesis during a public interview Thursday at the UofT's MacMillan Theatre.

"When you are introducing ideas that are new and in some cases quite radical, you need major backup if you want to reach beyond a small section of the population. Hopefully, the people who don't need as much convincing will bear with me because if the book were more anecdotal and less carefully sourced it would make it that much easier for the people who want to get me."

I guess that's more printed than posted but she does post a bibliography for the book: http://www.naomiklein.org/shock-doctrine/resources/bibliography

Big Ell said...

Here are the first six of her sources:

Alexander, Robert J.- a leftist academic on labor/mao/latin america
Anderson, Jon Lee NYT correspondent writes about American Imperialism/Iraq/Afghanistan
Archdiocese of São Paulo
Bashiriyeh, Hossei writes about Iran/globalization/media
Baudrillard, Jean French anti American philosopher
Ben-Ami, Shlomo generally viewed as a moderate who favors compromise over Palestine.

From what I can tell at least 5/6 of her 'sources,' are journalists/academics/politicians that more than likely share her own world view. Maybe the rest of the sources are different I don't know. I did see Paul Bremner farther down but also saw old Nikolai Bukharin too.

It just seems that it is quite easy to write a book where your sources are the people who think the same way as you.

I only read the first page of the resources and it looks like it shows promise. Gonzales memos but also links to the Guardian. So who knows.

"Hopefully, the people who don't need as much convincing will bear with me because if the book were more anecdotal and less carefully sourced it would make it that much easier for the people who want to get me."

This is hilarious though and made my day. Again, I am not disputing what she says, it sounds plausible from what little I know. I just think it is funny that she is worried about getting 'got,' by pundits who do exactly the same things she does. I am sure they will find some neo-con academics to counter all of the socialists she uses. It is the binary post modernist world at its best.