Thursday, July 26, 2007

I just learned of Ashlee Simpson

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Yes, just a few moments ago, I learned there was such a person as Ashlee Simpson who apparently is the younger sister of Jessica Simpson who I believe was married for a while on a reality TV show, but then got divorced and became a pop star; the kind that lip syncs and does big dance numbers throughout the show, like Paula Abdul, or Jolin. I realise that you probably already know this, as it happened years ago, but it was the first I had heard, you see I'm off work this week on summer hols.

I guess she can't dance or even pretend to sing. She proved this nearly three years ago on Saturday Night Live. Then she was booed and hissed at after singing at the halftime show of the Rose Bowl in Miami a couple months later in 2005. She has been lampooned and parodied by a number of folks including Mad TV, the Family Guy, and Starveillance.

According to Wikipedia, she recently told InStyle Magazine that it was all becoming much clearer for her since she had spent some time getting back in touch with her spiritual side:

"I come from a spiritual background, so there are a few songs about my journey with that. But there are also some fun dance songs as well. And I always come from, like, a 'woman empowerment' kind of place, so there are still those songs too. But for the first time you will hear the side of me that is a spiritual person."
My best guess is that she has been to lip sync camp or taken some tap lessons.

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Laurie Schneider said...

Don't forget that she was supposedly a huge advocate for girls being proud of who they are, what they looked like, etc. Basically a love yourself just the way you are kind of thing. Then she proceeded to go and get a huge amount of plastic surgery on her nose and chin so she could be the 'pretty sister'.