Friday, July 13, 2007

Fred, Michael and Fidel

Micheal Moore, who I have admittedly mixed feelings about just released his latest movie, Sicko, about the state of health care in America. Former Senator Fred Thompson (Tenn - R) wrote a piece in the National Review about Moore's trip to Cuba. Moore wrote him back a long letter challenging him to a debate. Thompson responded with a short video response.

Okay, I've been overheated all week, but is Senator Thompson threatening to put Moore in a mental institution? I watched it three times and by the third viewing I was convinced that this little video is a thinly veiled threat from the former US senator. Now former US senators probably threaten people all the time, I know I would, but Thompson also happens to be a person that many people see as the next American president, declared or not.

And yes, it was a Cuban. A Monte Cristo to be exact.

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