Friday, June 01, 2007

Anchorman, 300 and the NSB

A couple of interesting things to do if you have a few minutes would be to read ESPN's reporting of the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC by Bill Simmons, or watch this amalgamation of Anchorman and 300 originally found on the Lost Little Robot Blog. The soundtrack from 300 set to shots from the movie Anchorman. The shots are taken from he fight scenes, for the most part.

And Brick on the grizzly.


Big Ell said...

The name is Bill Simmons and the article was written for the 2002 Spelling Bee.

Sean Reilly said...

First of all, I never said it was a recent article, I just said it was interesting.

Second, I may have been under the impression that the article referred to the latest Bee, but I can't a imagine there's much difference from year to year, with the exception of the magical Euonym Moment back in 1997.

Third, everybody knows that Rick is one of the many completely acceptable shortened forms for Bill, of which there are dozens.

Anonymous said...

dude saw been tring to call. i'll see ya when ya get here. saturday is very busy for us so it will later in the evening. hope you ge this. only way i know to get a hold of ya

the wopper