Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Prize is Wrong

"And what do we have for our next contestant, John?"

"Well Bob, it's a....kidney!"

"Pardon me, John?"

"That's right, Bob. Anyone can give away a brand new car. We've got a lead on a perfectly good kidney that one of our lucky contestants is going home with today. Say goodbye to milelong organ donor waiting lists and that pesky dialysis machine; somebody's going home a winner! Whadaya say to that Mister Barker?"

" - "


There is a new reality TV show in Holland where three contestants are competing for a dying woman's kidney. I'm not making this up. My mother thinks it's sick, but I figure it's about par for the course these days.

* * *

2007/06/03 UPDATE: The Big Donor show turns out to have been a hoax organized to spotlight the number of people who die waiting for organ donors, or it was a hoax organized to improve TV ratings during the slow summer months, or it was a little bit of both.

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