Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Dal Molin! Bases or Basilicas

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The article Anti-US Uproar sweeps Italy talks about the latest in unwanted US military base shenanigans, but this time it's not in Iraq, it's not even in the Middle East, it's in Vincenzo Italy. There's been a base there for fifty years but now the US military wants to make it into the largest base in Europe.

Apparently, it's also the City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto, which is how it appears on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list so the locals are none too happy. They are teaching their senior citizens and young children how to lay down in front of bulldozers. In February, this town of 100 000 people had an estimated 200 000 folks protesting the proposed upgraded footprint. Of course, not a word in the mainstream American media.

I wonder if this is karma for all the things that the Romans did during their ascendancy, that various locals back then didn't appreciate, like razing the city of Carthage or killing Jesus, things like that.

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Michael Turton said...

LOL. Probably karma for the Abyssinian and Libyan invasions....