Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bruce Lee, Pierre Berton Faces of Death

The Bruce Lee Interview Part 1 Of 3 - Click here for more free videos

Quite an interesting old interview, especially at the end when Lee loses his temper and starts hammering on Berton who responds with a certain amount of aplomb and an obscure branch of Canadian Inuit martial arts which the Little Dragon was obviously not expecting.

I did some research and it was this interview that ended up delaying the filming of Fists of Fury for a full two weeks while doctors worked on Lee's face.

This was the real reason Pierre Berton never traveled to Hongkong or San Francisco. He had always publicly claimed that it had to do with an intense fear of Dim Sum stemming from an unfortunate incident as a small child.

Typical Canadian modesty, Pierre just wasn't one to brag.

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