Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pressed: Taiwan's English Literary Journal Volume 6: The Decapitated Lady Issue

The folks at Pressed are putting out their latest issue and doing it with the usual string of parties in an attempt to recoup some of the loses associated with trying to publish fiction. All of the entries are meant to be loosely inspired by the original draft of the picture on the ad; the woman in the evening dress sitting on the arm of a chair with scissors in her hand and her head on the floor, so it should be interesting.

I have a piece in the upcoming issue that is either called, 'Don't spook the robots' or, 'Morgan Robotson'. I forget which. I had pieces in the last two issues which were titled The Oldest Vice and The Thing About Lip Burqas.

Saturday, April 28th; 9pm @ Bliss; #148, Section 4, XinYi Road
Music: .22 & Dr. Reniculous Lipz

Saturday, May 5th; 9pm @ The River; #18 DaTong Road
Music: The Admissionaries

Saturday, May 12th; 9pm @ The Grooveyard; 2F, 105 Hua Mei West Street
Music: Andy Kincart, Dr. Reniculous Lipz, .22

Saturday, May 19th; 9pm @ Mindful Phoenix; 2F, #165 Jung Jeng 2nd Road
Music: TBA (including other awesome and eclectic artistic feats)

Saturday, May 26th; 8pm @ Mr.B's; 126 Sz Yu Road, Nan Feng Ao, Ilan
Music: The Deadly Vibes, .22, The Guava Seeds, Dr Reniculous Lipz


Most Afternoons said...

Hi! I came across your blog when I Googled Pressed. I was wondering if you could please tell you where I can get copies of it? I saw some back issues at a cafe in Kaohsiung, but have no idea where I could go to get the most current issue. There wasn't very much info on the official website...
thank you!

Sean Reilly said...

Hey Most Afternoons. In KHH the magazine should be available at the Lighthouse Bar and Grill, Access KHH Community Center and Mindful Phoenix Arts. However, as you were looking over a fortnight before, you probably already have a copy on your bookshelf...

Thanks for the interest, sorry for the delay, I didn't see this message before today.