Saturday, January 27, 2007

Active Denial System (Shudder)

This image was originally posted at Renegade's BS

It looks like a Hummer that gets five thousand satellite TV channels, but the Active Denial System is a far more sinister beast. Just in case you missed Thursday's article, Ray gun brings some zap to the battlefield, the Pentagon has a new non-lethal weapon.

The American military has unveiled its latest hi-tech weapon - a virtual flame-thrower on top of a Humvee that microwaves enemies at 500 paces.

The ray gun, which is supposed to be harmless, is designed to make people feel they are about to catch fire and drop their weapons.

Airmen zapped beams from a dish on a Humvee at the volunteers. They were treated to a blast of 54C (130F) heat, that was said not to be painful but intense enough to make them feel they were about to ignite.

Dear Lord. I wonder how long it will be before police forces start getting them, and how long beyond that they will be used on peaceful protesters. I also would like to know if there is a dial that allows the user to switch from the non-lethal 'annoy' setting over to 'fry to a hippy crisp.'

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