Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Latest in Political Pet Accessories

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Well products like Political Pet Toys are what blogging is all about. I especially like the George Bush doggie chew toy ($12.99) because it depicts him as completely grey and with a look of abject panic in his beady little eyes. I like to imagine that this is the George Bush as he enters hell and finds out he will be made to relive each and every one of the torments that he has inflicted upon others.

However, as I am trying to be more even handed and less polemic on the Rant, I have also included the Michael Moore doggie chew toy ($9.99) I didn't include the talking Anne Coulter action figure ($29.99)because that woman really gives me the creeps.

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Christopher Trottier said...

In my opinion, Neuticles is the ultimate political pet accessory. What better way to make a politcal statement than to say that you snipped off your dog's balls but wish he had them anyway? KInd of like the democratic process

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