Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dave's Do's and Don'ts

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Click to Enlarge. You have to read this.


wopman said...

dude i have no fucking idea if you will even get this message.haveing a hard time calling yeah. well thats because my phone rings night and day. clients who generally think that iam sitting at home thinking iam available all hours of the day and night wanting to talk about there projects. i bet there clients don't call at 11pm on a friday or at 6.30am on sunday. so that is why i don't keep my ringer on after biz hours. i have tried many times to return your call from my call display but it says i have the wrong number 011 866 4 23193820 is this number even close, it is good you are finally getting married. short notice though so i won't be making it!

franco said...

dudedude leave me a message so i can get a hold of you. phone nmber etc. wopman TELUS.NET