Friday, July 28, 2006

Can't they just leave the Hoff alone?

It's hard to argue with the statement, "David Hasselhoff is one of the greatest comedians the world has ever known." One of the first Rants featured a story erroneously announcing that the Democrats were gearing up to run the Hoff and Gary Coleman in 2008. I was hoping the story, though unproven, might gain momentum on the web and maybe take hold, resulting in a far better chance than the Democrats had enjoyed in 2000 or 2004. I stand by that assessment.

But it's not all flashy cars and phantom nominations for the Hoff these days. Despite being loved and admired by billions, Dave's alleged drinking problem, which we all thought was cured after his little visit to the Betty Ford Clinic for the Besotted Rich and Famous, in 2002, has started to resurface again in the tabloids, just because he didn't get on a plane the other day.

The Sun reported that the Baywatch star was stopped from boarding a Los Angeles flight from Heathrow because he was staggering around, mumbling, and propping himself up on a pillar.
Everyone gets a little disoriented at Heathrow; the place is a vast menagerie. It's sounds to me like the folks at British Airways and the Sun have no experience dealing with genius; the normal rules don't apply here. Besides, his publicist stated quite clearly,

He was not drunk. He was not refused boarding. It was his own decision not to get on that plane.
These groundless accusations come just a month after Dave's last set of troubles which included a freak shaving accident and allegedly getting tossed from Wimbleton. As to the first incident, who hangs a chandelier in a bathroom. The Hoff is like 6'9" or something; of course he's going to injure himself. The interior decorator should obviously be flogged. And Wimbledon? Dave's publisher to the rescue again, clearing it all up beyond a doubt,
"David Hasselhoff enjoyed a day's tennis with friends at Wimbledon yesterday [Monday]," Hasselhoff spokeswoman Judy Katz said in a statement sent to ABC News. "During the afternoon, there was some confusion over accreditation as his party attempted to reach court 13. The situation was quickly resolved with the help of stewards. Reports that claim they were ejected were incorrect."
Enough said, sorry Dave, thanks Judy, and now for a little easy listening,

Hooked on a Feeling by the Hoff

Secret Agent Man by the Hoff

Jump in my Car by the Hoff

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