Monday, June 05, 2006

Viva Bolivar! Viva Morales!

This image was originally posted at Cuba Democracia y Vida

Well the news today is pretty bleak especially if you live in Iraq. Then I read a Reuters piece about Evo Morales who has begun to redistribute the land in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America,
where the Roman Catholic Church estimates that a handful of families own about 90 per cent of all farmland, while 3 million indigenous peasant farmers share the rest.
Only a matter of time before we hear he's harboring terrorists (Afghanistan) stockpiling weapons of mass destruction (Iraq) or enriching uranium (Iran).


Red A said...

Evo looks rather nerdy. Like he's really into Linux and refuses to use Windows.

He need to talk to Castro's style consultant's pronto.

Sean Reilly said...

Morales is totally into Linux and completely refuses to use Windows or Explorer.

I didn't read that anywhere; it just stands to reason, doesn't it?

Sean Reilly said...

And I believe he prides himself on not owning a single suit.

Anonymous said...

What Evo Morales is doing with Bolivia's natural resources is exactly what Norwegians have always done: pay companies a fair price for their services and not more.

It seems, however, that the same policies conducted by indians in Bolivia do not merit the same respect as when they are conducted by blond blue-eyed scandinavians.