Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Three Mormons on the Corner?

Saturday or Sunday I was passing by the Nobel bookstore on the corner of Kung Yi and Chung Ming Nan and I saw three Mormons standing on the corner preparing to go out and hassle motorists trapped by the red light. Not two, three. They appear to be massing. I am pretty sure that, despite the temple, Taiwan has some sort of legislation against that sort of thing.

I can handle one or two Mormons, but when they start to form packs I think something should be done. Polygamy aside, these boys have a pretty shady history. Now it's three Mormons where before there were only two. What's next, four Mormons on the corner?

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Karl said...

I'm not familiar with that gang sign the one guy is making.

Anonymous said...

I believe that's either the Eighth Street Boys (South Salt Lake City)or the Eighth Lost Tribe Salt Lake suburbs). I'd have to see his Gang tats to be sure. (On the left breast, under where the Elder badge is usually pinned.)

What, you've never been to Utah?


Peter said...

You should go to Chung Hsing university campus on a Sunday. They are out in FORCE.

Holly said...

Having been a Mormon missionary in Taiwan (OK, it was 20 years ago, and I'm not proud of it, but no point in pretending it didn't happen), I can attest to the fact that Taiwan doesn't have any kind of laws against wholesome, clean-cut agents of western imperialism peddling their ideology up and down the island.

Every so often we'd run into someone who thought we were spies, which always baffled us because we were so fucking ignorant (again, I'm not proud of it, but it's how it was) that we usually didn't even know the name of Taiwan's president. If we posed any danger at all to the place, it was through our arrogance and our ignorance.