Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yesterday's Forecast: Silly and Radioactive

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I wanted to call attention to two little articles from today's Taipei Times; Pan-blues rally against government and Dust storm moves in. The first tells us that upwards of tens of thousands of little blue men and women marched on Taipei yesterday, led by the latest incarnation of the Three Stooges; Soong, Lien and Ma.

The second informs us that the EPA had yesterday issued an air quality warning for the entire country because the annual spring duststorms were rolling in from Mongolia. Considering that this dust that blows in is fairly radioactive it probably wasn't the best day for marching. Is this how these three intend to lead their sheep to a brighter future?

I don't even think it was a proper Blue rally, because I haven't yet read anywhere that Lien or Soong cried even once. There were also reports that Lien was seen yesterday holding hands with Hu Jin Tao, while the two walked slowly around the Forbidden City, leading me to believe that Lien didin't even show up to the rally and that his part was played by a cardboard cut-out of himself. Not the first time.

Lien's paper cut-out was quoted as whining,
"Two bullets put the country into a miserable situation,"
referring to the 319 incident two years ago. Looking at the three of them up on stage, I couldn't help thinking that two more bullets and a boxcutter could probably get us out of it.

Ma also had some interesting things to say. He doesn't use a cardboard cut-out of himself because none of the artists can get his smouldering glare right.

"According to a poll, about 67 percent of those surveyed think the case should be reinvestigated,"
he said, pulling a number out of the polluted air.

"Only finding out the truth can save Taiwan's democracy from the ignominy caused by two bullets,"
he added with a leer.

"Taiwanese leaders should not say one thing to the public but another to the US,"
Ma and the other two should remember that the corollary to that statement is far more important; Taiwanese leaders really shouldn't say one thing to the public but another to Beijing.

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