Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Never Safer in the Dark

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We left the apartment on Thursday around five in the morning, heading for Kenting. After several hours on trains and in train stations, airports, taxis and buses we ended up in Kenting, had a thirty minute buffet lunch and plunged into a six hour meeting followed by a sixty hour activity and after a harrowing return trip, were deposited on our doorstep, in the pouring rain just shy of midnight on Sunday. There was some down time for napping and inebriation, but no time nor clarity for bloggin'.

It took an hour to clean a space on the center of my desk to locate the keyboard and another several hours to get through my choked e-mail box and get things cleared up to the point of being able to type. As I write this, there are two stacks of paper rising up on each side of my computer threatening, at any moment, to come crashing down and literally bury me in my work. I am typing slowly and quietly as a result and it may be several more days before the rant is gently running again.

The Goddess willing, and thanks to our tireless roving collector, Angelo', here is a little something to nibble on. In the words of Bill Murray's Hunter S. Thompson,
"Chew on that gibberish for a while..."
Here is a clever flash presentation titled, Are we safer in the dark? and before any of you Intelligent Design nutjobs start going off on our natural state ,and how we were born without electricity or wings, and should remain where the Goddess put us on the ground and in the dark; I say pshahh.

Ostriches don't really bury their heads in the sand and lemmings don't really make a habit of following each other off cliffs. (very often)

This image was originally posted at Orpheus

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