Monday, March 06, 2006

Chinese Taipei Unlucky for China

It was an uplifting game of baseball for the Taiwanese on Sunday in Tokyo. Chinese Taipei managed to crush Chinese not-Taipei in their first meeting at the World Baseball Classic. The score was a humiliating 12 to 3. Not bad for a country of 23 million against an empire of over 1.3 billion! Maybe they should've taken some money out of their medium range missile fund and put it into a little league program.

Some commentators believe that Chinese dogma was responsible for the rout citing that while Taiwanese players knew they were playing for Taiwan many of the Chinese players could only see One China on the playing field. During the seventh inning stretch the Chinese coach tried to convince his players that there was one China, but two teams, and was taken away by politburo security forces and sent to re-indoctrination camp. Whoever said that communists make better baseball players must've only been referring to Cuba and America.

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