Thursday, February 16, 2006

Was Cheney Drunk?

A quick check of the morning papers, blogs, and comment sections shows that the Cheney shooting story still has legs. First the story was about Dick shooting a near octogenarian, then it was about not reporting the incident on time, then about how Whittington had a minor heart attack and went back into ICU. This morning the speculation seems to center around the possibility that ol' Dick was maybe waiting for his blood alcohol level to drop before talking to the police or the press,

Vice President Dick Cheney, who was forced to leave Yale University because his penchant for late-night beer drinking exceeded his devotion to his studies, and who is one of the small number of Americans who can count two drunk driving busts on his record, was doing more than hunting quail on the day that he shot a Texas lawyer in the face.
If that's not the case why was the "beer or two" quote pulled from the MSNBC page? While you're mulling that over here's a great little clip from The Funniest Thing This Side of Rhode Island.

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