Friday, February 10, 2006

Spin, spin, spin...

This image was originally posted at The Guardian Online

Today the Guardian reported on George Bush's latest one man show,
President George Bush, on the defensive over controversial measures in the war on terror, yesterday gave new details of a foiled al-Qaida plot to use Asian recruits and shoebombs to hijack an airliner and fly it into the tallest building on America's west coast.
They would, of course, have used shoe bombs because box cutters are nearly impossible to get on an airline these days. Also using shoe bombs to blow open the cockpit door will make a really cool scene on the Fox Network made for TV movie of the near catastrophe. And here, by 'near', I mean 'entirely fictional'.

The way I heard the story, back in early 2002, was that South and Central American terrorists were going to crash a handful of Zeppelins (including the Good Year Blimp) into Disneyland and four of the major Hollywood studios thereby taking out the American's will to live and disabling their international propaganda framework in a single, sunny, southern Californian afternoon.

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