Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lest we forget "Kill them all, keep it secret"

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I enjoyed Lily Bradberry's editorial, Chiang was Responsible, in today's Taipei Times. What can I say, I like the title. 2-2-8 is a good day for the truth.

Each and every Taiwanese person was a victim of the 228 Incident. All the foreign witnesses and information I have found have proved beyond doubt that Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) was guilty. I still remember when my father told me how Chiang threatened Formosans on the air that no one was to mention a word about the 228 Incident from that moment on.
I believe the evidence will eventually show the truth, even though the Chinese Nationalist party (KMT) has tried to destroy it all.

Here is one piece: According to a report in the Far Eastern Economic Review ("Past Time," March 23, 1995), Shu Tao, a former bodyguard of Chen Yi (陳儀), also implicated Generalissimo Chiang: Shu recently told a press conference in Taipei that he was present when Chen received a telegram from Chiang ordering him to suppress any opposition. According to Shu, the message was chillingly concise: "Kill them all, keep it secret."

Shu was then ordered to pass the telegram on to General Ke Yuan-fen (柯遠芬), then chief of the Command of State Security, the forerunner of the infamous Taiwan Garrison Command. Ke is considered one of the people primarily responsible for the atrocities during and after the incident in 1947.

How can Taiwanese forget about this piece of history without knowing the truth that our ancestors shed their blood because they asked for a fair and clean government?

Lily Bradberry

Austin, Texas

She may sign off from Texas with an Anglo surname but she is from Taiwan, her maiden name is Chung, and she has had her letters published in the Taipei Times and the China Post before.

I really hope that John Chiang doesn't go after her for trying to spoil his chances at becoming Mayor of Taipei and thereby foiling his evils plans to resurrect his family's twisted dynasty. John doesn't want anyone to keep him from his birthright; not the Academica Sinica, not the KMT, not the Taiwanese, Lily Bradberry, and certainly not something as mundane as the truth.
The best thing to come out of his mouth in the last little while is what he plans to do with his lawsuit loot,

"The foundation and Professor Chen Yi-shen (陳儀深) must present a public apology in three days to the Chiang family," Chiang declared at a press conference at the Legislative Yuan. "I will file a civil and a criminal lawsuit against them with a demand for NT$5 billion monetary compensation if they do not do so," the lawmaker warned.

If awarded, the NT$5 billion compensation would be donated to the KMT, according to Chiang, for the establishment of a library in the name of his father -- the late President Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國).

So the Chiang Dynasty plans to continue their traditional of stealing large sums of money from the Taiwanese and giving it to the Chinese Nationalists. I know they don't really have sarcasm here in Taiwan, but it appears they make up for it in irony.


Johnson@Taipei said...

I worked in a veteran hospital. Veterans more or less are Chinese Nationalists or Chiang's followers (as government and armies were subordinate to KMT while Chiang's in power). I've once heard that some of them argued that it's pointless to thrash Chiang's corps, for which it served nothing but political interests, especially those of DPP. So even though I positively agree with you on this issue, I don't think people will learn much from the incidence, at least in the short term.
Furthermore, some people are just tired of DPP for their prioritizing potitics and elections, so they might believe that the so-called truth is somehow manipulated by President Chen Shui-bian or DPP at large.

Leon said...

I ran a class the Monday before the 228 holiday. They were all mid20s-30s men and women working in the field of product safety testing for a very large international firm. Playing the ignorant foreigner, I asked all of them if they could explain to me what happened on 228. There was only one person in the class who sorta knew. Literally, the rest just laughed, looked sheepish, and admitted they had no idea.

They were to enjoy a holiday, that's all they knew or cared about. The reason they were having the holiday, to rest or spend time doing what they enjoyed, had never even dawned on them.

Lest we forget...it appears it was never known.