Monday, February 06, 2006

Coffee or Tea?

A few days ago I was talking about the naming of Taiwan's sports teams and how the baseball uniforms should follow the example of the ROC passport, and showcase the name Taiwan.

I neglected to mention that the English language newspaper, the Taiwan News, had also done this years ago. When I arrived in 1997 there were two English language newspapers in Taiwan; the China Post and the China News. At the time, I found this a little confusing. That year or the next, the China News became the Taiwan news.

Yesterday, the Taipei Times reported that a government periodical that introduces Taiwan's customs and traditions to the international community will also be changing its name.

In order to keep up with calls to rectify the nation's title, a periodical which has been published by the Government Information Office (GIO) worldwide under the name of Sinorama (光華雜誌) over the past 30 years has had its name changed to Taiwan Panorama (台灣光華雜誌).
It does make a lot more sense to name a national publication after the nation it represents. I can't see a similar Canadian publication being named American Panorama. Names can be important.


David said...

I believe the Taiwan News changed its name in 1999. It was still called the China News when I first arrived in Taiwan in 1999.

The one that really bothers me is China Airlines which so many people confuse with Air China. Why they have never bothered to change their name I don't know.

Sean Reilly said...

Maybe they are just waiting until their safety record improves...