Saturday, January 21, 2006

River Thames Whale Sighting

This image was originally posted at Guardian Online

On Thursday, a pod of two or three Northern Bottlenose Whales were spotted near an estuary of the River Thames. Today, one of them was seen taking in the sights in London; swimming past the parliament buildings, Big Ben, and the Battersea power station.

One report mentions that as it passed under Westminster Bridge a large group of Japanese, Norwegian, and Icelandic tourists, who had been eating seafood on an outdoor patio, paused their meal and began throwing forks, knives, and vinegar bottles at the poor creature.

One of the Japanese tourists was taken away by London Metropolitan Police, screaming,
"I had it in my sights! I would've had it if you bastards hadn't taken my harpoons away at customs! It was mine!"

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