Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Prime Minister Harper?!?

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Evo Morales, 1st indigenous Bolivian president

Michelle Bachelet, 1st female Chilean president

Stephen Harper, oh dear.

This is our karma for helping to take out Aristide.

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Here's Sarah's Moser's cartoon from the Republic,

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And here's some things he's said; our new PM.

1 comment:

andre said...

hey, i was wondering when you were going to post on ol' harps!

and here it is.

don't sweat it though, and don't believe the hype.

time will tell that he's more than just A PRETTY FACE.

furthermore, and luckily, whisky and downloading are still legal.

amerika north? bullshit; it's been downhill for the last decade, queer marriages and nearly legal marijuana aside. as a former taichung-er, i can imagine your dismay.

like you needed another excuse to stay away!

and besides, my vote for the new dems was one of sixty-seven-hundred others in my urban quebequois riding and all they'll get is a lousy 12K.

such is our democracy, eh.

keep it up with the nice blog.

montreal, QC