Monday, January 09, 2006

New magazine, like so many things, only for the stinking rich...

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There's a new magazine in town for the uber rich. Don't look for it on newsstands because it is only available by subscription and they are by invitation only. To be invited to subscribe to Spear's Wealth Management Quarterly you must have assets worth over 5 million pounds.

I bet the cover will be like the cover of a James Bond Dossier - eyes only kind of affair. You have to wonder what kind of articles they plan to run in this oh-so-exclusive venue. The mind boggles.

- Bullet-proofing your Roadster
- Beating the help without leaving marks
- Taxes are for cattle and sheep
- How to beat those pesky labor laws
- Hunting the poor; nice and legal in Brunei
- Surgically removing your conscience

If all goes well, the publisher is also considering putting out another title strictly available to dictators and despots titled Strongmen Quarterly. Our breath is baited here at the rant.

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