Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jesus healed with cannabis and French artist attacks urinal...

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My apologies, to anyone who noticed, for my recent extended silence. I just got home from Canada a few days ago and the last three or four weeks are a bit of a blur. There was some Moose Wrestling, some bumper sliding, quite bit of game, and a number of fine wines involved.

It was great seeing everyone and fairly amazing to see all of their children. There's nothing to take the sting out of the world than to see your friends eyes staring up from the swaddle. I'm sure it will clear up soon.

But there were a couple of articles that caught my eye today. The first is about some study that shows that Jesus and his disciples were curing people with cannabis oil, and the second is about a French artist trying to destroy a urinal with a hammer. If you're not too busy, they're probably worth a look. Happy New Year.

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