Monday, November 07, 2005

France on Fire

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Well, its not a good time to be a carowner in France. When I checked the other day, over six hundred cars had been burned. Today that number was estimated at over 2200.

It's also not a great time to be a policeman, or unable to get away. Ten policeman were shot last night; one in the throat with a shotgun. Also, Disabled woman set on fire as Paris riots spread tells of a woman who barely got out of a bus that was set on fire.

Naima Bouteldja's article, Explosion in the suburbs explores the underlying reasons behind the riots. Like the planes crashing into buildings, and the levees breaking in New Orleans, these riots were also foreseen. There are just too many things to pay attention to and too much money to be made. C'est la vie.

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BigEll said...

Naima Bouteldja is from the Transnational Institute. If you haven't heard of the TNI check out this link. Pretty much the same stuff as all of the other leftist blogs/pages but you may find some things of interest.