Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bush says Taiwan is a Role Model of Democracy

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Be more like Taiwan, Bush urges Beijing This is an article that should raise a few eyebrows. I don't know if George is the one we want championing this fledgling democracy. His experiments in democracy in his own country have fallen well short of the mark and his adventures abroad in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti are at best suspect.

By, "well short of the mark," I mean like aiming at the target and shooting yourself in the foot. By, "suspect," I mean like a pedophile on the playground.

Having Ol' George saying you've got a model democracy is more or less the kiss of death. Like Milli Vanilli telling you that you've got a great singing career in front of you.

Now if Bush was congratulating us on our recent torturing exploits or successfully pouring chemicals on people, or lauding a new napalm-like weapon of ours, that would be different. Those would be compliments that we could take to the bank; compliments that would mean something to the world community.


A Taiwan Country said...

i am kind of agree and disagree with you. btw, we have an opposite situation here, you are an American living in Taiwan, and I am a Taiwanese living in America. anyways, Bush's talk seriously caught my attention at 5AM, I guess as a Taiwanese, it's a mix feeling. It's nice to be recongnized in an international speech by the U.S. president. Living in a foreign country makes me realize how pitiful Taiwan's situation is in international position. Whatever we do as a country, whether protecting ourselves or helping Tsunami, China always track us down and kick our ass (can i say ass online?) And most of the countries and organizations DO NOT admit Taiwan as a country, or don't care, or the greed from trading with China blinds them. So, when a rare conversation like Bush's yesterday speech, altho it may only cause bad a's kinda like a nice feeling. it's short vision, i know...but it's a pitiful happiness.

however, think logically, Bush's supporting rate already goes all time low, which proves that whatever he says brings bad luck, but maybe good intension...just maybe. And as a American, the worse relationship China and Taiwan have, the more benefit America would have. More weapon selling to Taiwan. More attention from China shifting to Taiwan instead of America.

Without a doubt, China's rapid raising makes a big threat to America, America has to choose to be friend or enemy with China. It's a suprise of Bush's choice. Maybe he still thinks America is a peacemaker, after all the bombing and war in Iraq...

anways, back to your post, I think it's a fake nice feeling that is driven by money.

Sean Reilly said...

First off, I am not an American; I am Canadian who has been living here in Taiwan for over eight years. I believe that Taiwan is a country, and a good one at that. My post was meant to criticize mr. bush and not Taiwan.

I do not like empires because they have the habit of killing the innocent at least twice; once when they rise and again when they fall. I have been studying the history of Taiwan and it is a history of empires coming, and killing, and then falling apart. mr. bush claims that he is not an emperor and I dispute this. I do not believe that he is bombing countries to help their peoples; I believe he is bombing them to control them. I do not think that he helps Taiwan at all by calling attention to it. He is not the kind of press that this island needs.

China maintains that they want Taiwan 'back' because it is a part of China, like HK and Macao were. I do not believe this either. China wants this island for the money it can generate and for the security it can provide as a buffer against the US. The fact that Taiwan has at times been part of the Chinese empire is incidental.

The Manchu originally took Taiwan in 1682-3 to wipe out the last remnants of the Ming and then pretty much left it alone for two hundred years before handing it over to the Japanese empire in return for Manchuria, which it did consider a part of China.

The ROC only took control in 1945, after the Japanese were vanquished, and the PRC has never controlled this island; it is not a part of their China and never has been. There has not been One China ever in history; there have been dozens and everytime one of those Chinas has chnged shape many innocent people have died. Everytime one of those Chinas has changed shape on or near Taiwan thousands of Taiwanese have been killed.

The PRC's One China policy is a lie like the US's bombing-peasants-for democracy-policy. These are lies that I fear will eventually bring more killing and misery to Taiwan. It is my hope that Taiwan can this time side step the imperial ambitions of others and choose a third path which would see Taiwan as part of neither empire.

A Taiwan Country said...

hi Sean, first of all, i am sorry to mistaken you as an American, maybe because i am physically living in the states therefore i just assume people who have unpleasant feeling toward Mr. Bush are American, again, sorry about that. becuase i personally hate people trying to guess where i come from instead of asking me polietly.

Thank you for loving my country and consider it is a country, it means a lot to me. i deeply feel sad for my country's position, therefore i wrote the last senester in my previous comment. I probably don't have enough political experience to talk about the whole world, however, i do fear the world's future is driven by the money. Therefore any kind gesture people are sending, whether in the society or in the world, it all relates with the money. People are nice to you is because of the money. American is kindly selling bombs is not for us to buy our protection but paying a good price and increase more hatress toward China and more profit towards America.

Sadly, what can we do? Should we die without defensing ourselves? Even the power we may have is so weak like a bug?

I also do not like the "emprior" or "president dictatorship" in the modern term. However, that's how the world is leading us. If China and Taiwan can be friend (means only one leader) who is going to be the boss? and why China and Taiwan should be friend just because we are only apart for 50 years? How about America and England? Can't they unite even though they have been apart for couple hundred years? There is no logic, but only sad violence between two contries who are competitive with each other. I hate any comficts happen between Taiwan and China, especially all my family, parents, and friends are there. However, I also hate my national identity, my self respect and my dignity get taken away.

it sounds very serious, and me and my friend also talked about this issue. She is an Canadian and Taiwanese, she moved to Canada when she was 11. To her, national identity means nothing, but lives mean everything. She thinks without lives, there is no future. I have to agree with her, and like i said, there is no logical choice in this issue. The only thing we can hope is the Chinese governement is not going to lose control and behaved like they did in the Tain-Ahn-Ming incident only 15 years ago. Personally I don't like China and I don't like most Chinese who I got in touch so far in America, I don't like the way they put pressure on Taiwan for every single thing like a bulley, I don't like the way they fakely talk to Americans (according to a recent interview in PBS. Through the English translator, everything sounds so pleasant and nice, but from what I heard in Chinese didn't make me feel so. maybe i input my personal feeling, but that's how i honestly feel)

Like i mentioned, as a Taiwanese, I hate both solutions that may possibily happen between Taiwan and China. Seems like we either need to belong under China, or be independent without peace. I wish there is a third solution, unfortunately I haven't seen it yet.

again, thank you for likeing my country and consider it as a country.