Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Korean Crackdown on Canadians

There was familiar headline in the Globe and Mail this morning, Canadian teachers caught in S. Korean crackdown. It's familiar because it happens every year or so in the Hermit Kingdom. Usually the headline mentions foreigners instead of specifically mentioning Canadians and that is a little worrying for me as a Canadian, especially as I have been noticing the same subtle change here.

Ever since that Canadian kindergarten teacher was arrested up in Taipei with an entire drugstore in his pockets, Taiwanese friends have told me that the Chinese language news is awash with stories of a Canadian Syndicate operating in Taiwan.

The Globe article touches on this near the bottom,
Korea's clampdown has been lent a sense of urgency by highly publicized accounts of immorality by young foreigners. Reports of marijuana and cocaine busts have long tended to feature Westerners -- including five Canadian teachers who were arrested two years ago.

Governments and the media love to turn immigrants into scapegoats. In the thirties in America it was the Mexicans and the blacks. Growing up in Calgary, it was the Vietnamese who were vilified. In Vancouver it was the Hong Kong gangs and then the Russians. It's always someone else, never the home team.

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