Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mayor Hu Sees Pandas in Dakeng

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Taichung's Mayor Jason Hu is talking about the possibility of Taichung getting pandas. He said that if Taichung was chosen the pandas would be housed in Dakeng because of its prolific bamboo stores. According to the article Dakeng is known as 'The Yangmingshan of Taichung' which was the first we had ever heard of it here at the Rant.

The article also said that Taipei's Mayor, Ma Ying Chou was angling for Taipei to get the pandas. According to the Times, "Hu said that Ma has never openly opposed Taichung having the honor." I have never heard of Ma openly opposing chinchillas brunching on his testicles, but just because he's never articulated it doesn't mean he wouldn't fight it tooth and nail.

If those pandas are going anywhere, it's not to Dakeng. But more importantly these pandas will be blood money; blood pandas. They will have been the result of Lien Chan's highly questionable trip to China in the spring.

What exactly did he and James Soong have to promise for Taiwan to be granted two of the last thousand pandas in the world? Do we really want to accept these animals knowing full well they are part of some greasy deal that might see the Taipei MRT run by the mainland?

Do we want the children to enjoy blood pandas? Isn't that like selling them crack or teaching them to pay the minimum payments on their credit cards?


BigEll said...

You need to spend more time with the locals. I have heard Dakken called Taichung's Yang Min Shan at least a dozen times. Mind you not too many times since 921.

graham said...

Nice allusion to terror on the public transport...
Did you see that news clip of a man in Szechuan getting mauled by a panda? I think it provided good commentary for the panda dialogue. Pandas will kick any man's ass, and stay CUTE. The cute factor could win too many minds and taint too many young cutephiliacs' minds here in Taiwan. I mean, to a cute-prone mind, what's going to win: the reality of living in one of the world's last battlegrounds of ideology, or-- cute?