Friday, August 19, 2005

Houses broken for no reason and bulldozers broken way too late

Well the latest in strange headlines out of the Holy Land was, Israeli troops storm synagogues. The article is about the Israeli pullout of Gaza (some would say, 38 years too late.) Two things struck me; that the government was destroying houses as they pulled out and the settlers were sabotaging bulldozers.

In a land with the poverty of Palestine it is just another crime against humanity that perfectly good houses are being destroyed before the lands are 'given back' to the Palestinians.

Earlier, residents tried to delay their removal from their homes by sabotaging army bulldozers by cutting cables and pouring sugar in the fuel, and by setting fire to a bus.

Whenever I hear about bulldozers in Palestine I think of atrocities; homes pushed down, sometimes with the people still inside, ancient orchards uprooted, and of course, the murder of Rachel Corrie. I wonder if the settlers sabotaged the bulldozer that killed Rachel. Like everything in Israel, long overdue.

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