Monday, August 15, 2005

Help Burst the Crawford Bubble

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If you're living in the States, and thinking about taking the family camping, why not head down to Crawford, Texas and spend your vacation with grieving (and protesting) mother Cindy Sheehan.
She's the lady who has decided to spend George Bush's vacation outside his ranch (armed compound) waiting for a face to face meeting with the boy emperor himself. Mrs. Sheehan would like to ask George why her son had to die in Iraq for his friend's oil money. She also wants to ask him to bring the rest of America's sons and daughters home from his illegal and immoral war.

Tom Dispatch has a great piece on what's happening down the road from the Crawford Ranch. But why rely on what Tom has to say when you can pack up the family and go down to see for yourself? What's more American than the family summer road trip?

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And for the besieged? "You owe her an explanation, Mr President: meet with Cindy."

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