Friday, August 05, 2005

Hans Island Update: The Danish Navy 'attempts' to retake Hans

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On Thursday the Globe and Mail announced, the Danes send warship to Hans Island and Friday it ran, Danish Navy Heads to Hans.

Both of these articles talk about the upcoming 'possible' invasion of Hans Island. I say possible because the Danes are not really certain that they can make it there.
A spokesman for the Danish navy said in Copenhagen yesterday that the ship may not be able to make it through the polar ice at this time of year.

It's August! If they can't make it there in August when we can they? Are they waiting for a warmer month? And we can't really thumb our noses at them because if they can't reach Hans with their four heavy, naval ice-breakers, we certainly can't get there with none.

It's a little like Luxembourg laying claim to the center of the Earth or Yemen claiming sovereignty over Mars.

Why are peace loving countries like Denmark and Canada using their navies, which don't seem to be up to the job, instead of their diplomats which might at least make it to the negotiating table?

I would just like to repeat my earlier idea that the island and the waters around it should be made into a military free zone, which should then be managed by the resident seals of both nationalities. This is the only way to avoid possible bloodshed or a violent uprooting of the indigenous seal populations.

Let's not forget what happened in the aftermath of the last seal protests in 1982. In 1983 the European Union placed a ban on seal pelts which led to a population explosion and the death of Canada's Atlantic fishery.

People simply cannot handle seeing dead seals, or other cute animals, on the six o'clock news. Whereas most viewers seem to have little trouble with dead Iraqis, Afghanis or Africans, they will put there feet down in response to dead, cute, white animals. Not even George Bush would be stupid enough to launch an attack near these geysers of sentimentality.

When will this madness end?

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{To watch some vintage CBC footage of the last seal debates including, Newfoundland sealers, US Congressmen, and Pamela Sue Anderson (That's right, Nancy Drew) click here.}

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