Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blame it on the rain

Well, America's number one source for humor, The New York Times, had an odd assortment of headlines and quotes today. My favorite was Bush Returning to Monitor Relief Effort,
President Bush will cut short his vacation to return to Washington on Wednesday, two days earlier than planned, to help monitor federal efforts to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina, the White House said Tuesday.

This has a couple of beneficial effects for the beleaguered emperor; he has the perfect excuse to duck out of Dodge without seeing Cindy Sheehan and his "five week vacation" turns into a vacation of just "more than four weeks." It's also nice to have national disaster that's not directly his fault.

Maybe this isn't the time for politicking. There are lives at stake, as the article points out,
Bush was expected to visit the region affected by Katrina by week's end, but details on that trip were in flux as the White House worked to make sure the president would not disrupt response efforts.

This article was followed by the obligatory announcement that the storm will be the latest reason that oil prices are going up, again. We learn that Oil and Gas Prices Surge on Storm Damage Reports. We all know how much oil comes out of that region. Or is it just the latest reason for oil companies to make a little more money. I'm sure these rising oil prices have nothing to do with the war or the people who are making so much damn money off of it.

But the people of Louisiana aren't the only ones with housing problems as we learn In August, the Rich Race to Renovate, where contractors express the "anxiety" that surrounds renovating apartments in Manhattan where many buildings, "require(s) that construction work be completed between Memorial Day and Labor Day, when many residents are in Europe or reclining by the pool in the Hamptons."

Maybe the folks in Katrina's path could go hang out in the Hamptons once the rich have returned to Manhattan and while the government tries to find their low income housing and put the trailer parks back together.

So the emperor didn't meet with Cindy, but it couldn't be helped. Gas prices went up again, but that couldn't be helped, and nearly a hundred people died in the states, but that couldn't be helped either. Blame it on the rain.

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