Friday, July 29, 2005

UK to Foreign Students: Overstaying Your Student Visa may be Punishable by Death

At least that's what happened to Jean Charles de Menezes. He's the Brazilian dude that got shot down by the police in London the other day. They thought he was a sprinting jihadi with a hot load so they went into Eight shots in all, seven to the head. At least we know why he was running from the police.

According to today's Guardian article, Shot Brazilian had overstayed his student visa, says Home Office the police aren't even that sorry.
Metropolitan police took full responsibility but commended the officers involved for their bravery, saying they had rushed towards what could have been their deaths.

Sir Ian, who warned that the July 21 bombers could strike again and other terrorist cells could also be ready to attack, said there was nothing "cavalier or capricious" about the operation, and that other officers were prepared to do the same thing should the circumstances arise.

Sir Ian said his detectives were in a race against time to find the July 21 bombers: "Either we find them, or they are capable of carrying out more atrocities."

Now wait just a second. I wasn't aware that the July 21 bombers had managed any actual atrocities. I thought the best that had managed was panic, annoyance, and inconvenience. In fact, there was one injury reported. Yet this is the best London's 'top cop' can come up with after a pack of his gung-ho yahoos ended brutally ended Jean Charles de Menezes' life.

He doesn't think they should use tasers because that might trigger the bomb, but somehow eight rounds of point blank lead doesn't raise this concern. I imagine Jean Charles' family would take a different position.

One silver lining for the London Police; the IRA have decided to put down their weapons for a spell. The lead story, After 35 years of bombs and blood a quiet voice ends the IRA's war They gave a short, illuminating statement,

Dose fucking Poms are fookin' noots, look what happened to dat poor fookin' bloke from Rio. Dey used ta be more about fairness, but lately dere actin' like a bunch a fookin' Yanks!

One thing is for sure, this is a good season for London's brown folks to start exercising indoors. Jogging in Central London can be hazardous to your health. And keep your visa up to date, you can't be too careful.

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