Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Operation Enduring Freedom Flagging

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Well Operation Enduring Freedom, which I have taken to calling the War Against Low Income Afghan Housing, isn't going very well, at least for the American forces.

An article in the Boston Globe called, US endures deadliest year in Afghanistan says that they have lost more and more soldiers each of the four years and partial years they have been there. 54 US soldiers have lost their lives so far this year.
In the past three months, 29 US troops have been killed, including the 16 in last week's helicopter attack, the deadliest since US forces invaded on Oct. 7, 2001. This year is already the deadliest for US troops. Before 52 troops died last year, 47 soldiers were killed in 2003 and 43 in 2002. From October to December 2001, 12 US military personnel were killed.

The article doesn't mention the Afghanis very much, like how many of them have died since the Americans invited themselves into the country. This makes the article pretty much like all the rest.

I wonder how the Afghanis are doing; Beyond the bumper opium crops and all the dead American soldiers? 'Enduring Freedom' indeed!

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